Brittany's Senior Portrait Session 1 - Fort Wayne, IN

 Ashlee Lauren is a photographer in Fort Wayne, Indiana specializing in natural light baby, maternity, children, family, and high school senior photography. Step out of cliche studio portrait photography and into a world that is dazzling with light, motion, and beauty. Experience the difference of on location photography in Indiana!
Well, the Babe is now all grow'ed up. :*) It doesn't seem like I'm doing SENIOR pictures of my sister, I feel like we're just hanging out, taking some shots for fun. 

So much sophistication! :)

I hope she doesn't kill me for putting this headshot up. It wasn't her favorite, but I really liked it. :)

Gotta keep that hair in place!

I love, love, LOVE the windows at the Grand Wayne Center.

Hehee, letting loose in this one. :D

Fabulous background. :D And fabulous subject, too, of course! :)

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  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Subject AND photography! More.... :-)