PHOTOGRAPHER IN FORT WAYNE Life Moments } The Store...?

Nope. My freezer. Haha! 

I was at the store tonight mailing out photo CDs. We had to get some groceries while we there and I happened to notice that Edy's ice cream was ALL 2 for $5. Ok, so I didn't just happen to notice; I was deliberately going for ice cream, lol. I was running low on my Caramel Delight and wanted to pick up another. Of course I talked my sister into getting 4 of them. We each picked out two. I got Coffee and another Caramel Delight as I thought they might make a good combination. Britt picked out Peppermint and Pumpkin. I have to say, I am really excited to try the pumpkin ice cream!! And just excited in general to have so much ice cream, haha. "I would never do anything like that," said Britt. I'm the wild one, I guess -- at least, when it comes to grocery shopping. :D But hey, I think ice cream is a staple item that you should always have on hand and always have at least a few flavors (truth be told, if it had been entirely up to me, I would have picked up two or three more flavors. yes, i am that insane!).

On a side note, I've been getting Women's Health Magazine in the mail and I have NO CLUE why... I haven't ordered it ever. I got one last week and figured it was just a sample or something but then another one came today. So weird. And I hope I don't get charged for it. If they keep coming I'll probably have to call them to try to figure out what's going on. I don't read Women's Health. I don't really read magazines in general. There is no point in me getting this magazine, lol. Although when I was bored the other night and flipped through the magazine there were some cool photographs. I want to go through both of them now just to look at the photography. So I guess it's not a total waste.

Ok well....... the ice cream is calling my name so I think I'm going to go eat dinner and well, you know, pig out. :)

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