Fort Wayne Professional Photography | Olivia, Lincoln, & Ian Family Portraits

This was a great family portrait session. I felt like I really had a breakthrough with my camera and and my over all artistic vision. The kids were great - cute, blond hair & blue eyes (I have a weakness for that, lol), and willing to cooperate for the camera. Well, as much as children can, anyway. :) It was a little cold in Fort Wayne that day, but we managed. It's getting a little difficult to do photography sessions now that it's turning to winter. But it was warm enough that day that we could get pictures without layers of coats and hats on. But just barely. :) Personally, I'm ok with doing pictures in the cold - so long as I can be bundled up. I will probably look like a very silly "professional photographer" once winter hits: I'll be wearing my down coat that I have affectionately christened my "bank robber" coat. It's super warm, but because I'm rather on the short side, it hits me well below my knees. Hey, whatever it takes to get those family and senior pictures right? :)

I had a really hard time picking my favorite pictures of the kids from this portrait session. It was even harder to narrow it down to just a few photos for the website. But here they are! :D

Is this child not absolutely adorable??!! I love this moment we captured as well. Ian isn't quite solid enough to sit well on his own yet so we had to get a bit creative for these pictures. We had a boppy pillow hidden under his quilt and also there was someone (his mom or my sister) right by him just out of frame to make sure he was safe.
Another cute one of the little guy. And I love his sweater. This is a great example of what I mean when I talk about "texture" that looks good in pictures.
And here is Lincoln. The chair belongs to the family. They brought it along and I was super happy. I don't have many props yet so it was welcome. I love it when people get involved with their portraits. It makes the photography so much more unique. I also love the lighting in this picture and his pose. I feel like this photography sums up what it's like to be a kid and carefree.
Another awesome photograph of a great moment. I took the two older kids a little way down into the woods to explore and we found this tree. It made for some fun pictures.
Here they are again. I stepped back a little and let them alone so I could catch some nature smiles for the photograph. They were pretending the stick was a microphone and singing into it. :D
We were going to sit on the fence for some cute pictures, but it was too dirty. :)
And here's one more of Ian. He was a lot happier once he didn't have to sit up for pictures. :)
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