A photographer in Fort Wayne couldn't have asked for a better afternoon in October. Temperature was just right, not too windy, and lots of golden sunshine that was to die for. Usually the weather has turned by this time of year to chilly and windy, but this season we have had a lot of days in Indiana that feel more like summer than autumn. And I will definitely take it.

Amber is such a great girl. I met with her downtown for Starbucks [I got my favorite, Vanilla Frappuccino, of course] where we chatted for a bit before taking some pictures. She is sweet and down to earth and I felt like I'd always known her even though we had just met. We had an instant connection based on the fact that we are pretty much the exact same height. It's rare that I find someone who is as not-tall [hehee] as me, so needless to say, we spent a lot of time discussing the challenges of being petite: having to look up all the time, pants always being wayyyy too long, and not being able to borrow clothes from your friends. We also both have a thing for tall guys. *wink* 

After Starbucks we headed out to take some pictures. I've been eying a few different locations that looked like they would be perfect for photographs and I was super excited to get to check them out. There are some really gorgeous little tucked-away spots in Fort Wayne.

I am so thrilled to present these photos. I love capturing the beauty of my clients with my camera, and Amber is such a lovely girl and a great model, it was a cinch to get gorgeous portraits.

"I am looking for a portrait photographer in Fort Wayne!"

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