Is Affordabe Photography Really A Good Deal? How To Choose A Good Custom Photographer

In the world of digital photography, cameras and prints are becoming increasingly accessible and it is easier than ever to get photos off the camera and onto your wall where they can be enjoyed and treasured. Photographers are popping up everywhere, each one offering services for less money than the last. It begs the question: 

why pay more when you can get the same thing for less?

But are all photographers and all photography services the same? At first glance, they may appear so, with the only fluctuating factor the price. The reality is it takes much more to provide true custom photography services and capture your memories adequately than a digital camera, photoshop, and a little spare time although it might not appear that way to an outsider.

Consider this: your memories are priceless and the time to capture them is fleeting. We all wish they stayed little for ever, but unfortunately that special time passes in the blink of an eye. The true question that needs to be asked is this: can you afford to hand over the task of capturing your precious family memories to just anyone?

The reality is that price is generally a mark of experience and talent. 

Inexperienced photographers who are trying to get time behind the lens to figure out how to actually be a photographer will promote their services as 'affordable.' On the other hand, photographers who have worked hard to refine their craft, develop an artistic vision, obtain an outfit of cameras, lenses, props, editing tools, computers, digital storage, etc. that is worth thousands of dollars, who spend hours selecting the best images from your shoot and artistically editing them, and, most importantly, who understand that the true service they provide is NOT taking some snapshots for you but creating fabulous images with technical and artistic precision to preserve your memories will not be able to charge $75 for a session and a picture disk and still maintain their business.

Photographers who understand that they are being intrusted to capture your memories and have put in enough hours behind the camera to know how to get it right and deliver superior images must charge more to be able to maintain the hours and equipment they put into their clients and business. 

Experienced photographers understand that this is a special time in your life that you will never get back. They put the time, talent, and equipment into every session to make sure your memories are preserved and you are treated like a star. You are paying for their care, experience, and dedication to you and the preservation of your memories.

Your memories are too important to risk getting disappointing images. 

In the end, getting photographs and services that fall below your expectations of what on location photography is aren't worth even an 'affordable' price. You deserve so much more than the services you will get from an 'affordable' photographer.


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