What do you get when you mix your friend's dress with your blazer, gorgeous summer sunsets, a park to yourselves, repeatedly singing: "I threw it on the GROUND! I'm not a part of your SYSTEM!" and *cough* a cellphone that got really sweaty in my back pocket? Why, fabulous pictures, of course. What else? 

Oh, and also please note the blonde peekaboo. I'm quite proud of that. Normally I am a TOTAL hair jinx (to the point where I walk in a room and previously co-operative hair goes limp in a talented person's hands and everyone groans and/or weeps) but somehow I managed to get that blonde in and not melt anything. Or stain anything. Or burn anyone's skin off. But I did use wayyyy too much foil - hah.

Although speaking of burns... Well, let's just say I curse tan-lines. But I can fix them. Like a beast. But it took a lot of Marina & The Diamonds ("Teen Idle" is my fave song from the new album, btw; listening to it RIGHT NOW) and Cheez-Its to get through the color correcting. Just kidding. I've been jamming/eating regardless.

Have a fabulous, fashionable summer, lovvies. And enjoy the rest of my honey-child-sistuh-frann's sweet pics. ;D

fort wayne's best tan-line-fixing photographer
summery photos by a fort wayne photographer
P.S. >>> We would like to send SMOOCHES to everyone!! You are brilliant. You. And you. And yeah, even you. 
Embrace your weirdness and stuff. ;) 
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Photography, fashion, & makeup styling: Ashlee Lauren
Hair styling: Brittany Hiffernan
Model: Norah K
Clothing: Forever 21

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