Here We Go! Reppin' The Steelers in Downtown Fort Wayne

I met up with Tayler at my usual downtown haunt -- Starbucks. I don't really drink coffee that much, but I do love the cheese danish. And I think that's where you're supposed to go if you own Apple products right?

It was a calm evening, one of those nights hovering on the edge between summer and autumn. The light had changed a bit, more golden and "heavy," but the weather was definitely not wanting to give us a break in temperature.

We made our way to Freimann Square and proceeded to wander around through the back alleys in between near by buildings -- but first we stopped to peak into the bistro on Main. As a lover of city living, and an eater of Fort Wayne (there's a whole hashtag on my instagram about this: #AshleeEatsFortWayne) I'm excited to see new places downtown for food and good times. The Main Street Bistro and Martini Lounge looks like it's going to be quite posh indeed.

But back to the light. We caught a gorgeous sunset -- I love the way it's reflecting off her face in the portrait below. So stunning! And check out that black and yellow! The night would have not been complete without some Steelers pride. I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about football, so rather than make a complete fool of myself, I'll simply say "here we go!" :)

new main street bistro and martini lounge in fort wayne indiana

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  1. One of the sweetest girls on earth! Beautiful inside and out. Your lucky to have her.

    Jason Jura

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