"I Booked A Photoshoot -- What Happens If It Rains?"

I love shooting outside. The open air is exciting, the urban jungle is wild and overflowing with great textures and ambiance. I can create all sorts of moods and tell interesting stories outside. It's just what my heart is drawn to. And so that's where we go, my clients and I. Outside -- to be inspired, to laugh, to adventure, to explore, and to hopefully NOT be run over by rogue UPS trucks.

But it raises an important question: what happens when you make a significant investment in a photoshoot and rain pops up on the radar? These dates are scheduled weeks, sometimes months in advance and until I develop some clairvoyance (ha) there's no way of knowing what to expect from the sky. Does rain mean a shoot is canceled?

Psh. No way. Rain means a shoot is kicked up a notch in FABULOUS.

I have locations that I keep handy for rainy days that are still downtown, still loaded with great urban vibes. Not only that, I love what cloud coverage and wet pavement does to the light. Plus, there's the opportunity to jump in puddles, and who doesn't love that? Well, I love it in rain boots -- not so much in sandals. ;)

Recently I had a session on a rainy day. All I can say is, BAM!! :)


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