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"Your shirt's from MODCLOTH?!" I exclaimed excitedly, perched on the edge of my seat in Starbucks. I glanced around at the handful of fellow patrons -- all milddd aged guys typing away on their laptops -- who I had probably just annoyed. Thankfully, none of them were requesting that I leave the premises. ;)

I knew then it was going to be an awesome photoshoot. How could it not be, when a lacy mint top from Modcloth is involved, plus adorable hot pink wedges?

Speaking of awesome, Jessica was so much fun to photograph -- yet another person who has made my work as a photographer pretty freakin easy. Not to mention the fact that she had an absolutely gorgeous sleeve, as you can see from the pictures below. I was totally digging the design. I love photographing tattoos in general so, If you have some stellar ones…. hint hint hint….

So at the end of my photoshoots, when the sunset has faded and the street lights are coming on, I start to have some fun -- I really let my creative side run wild. Sometimes I do something upscale and swanky, sometimes I do something a little on the grungy side. But for this shoot, something about the moment struck me as very Alfred Hitchcock. I got a few pictures at the end that so look like they could be promos for a Hitchcock film. I couldn't think up a name for what this film would be, though -- if you have a good one, leave it in the comments.


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