Christmas Gifts Grandparents LOVE

 I love grandparents. They're so awesome. They have so much love to share, so many stories to tell. They've seen so much of life. Little old grandpas always make me smile, and feisty little grandmas make me cheer. I intend to be a feisty one when my time comes to be a grandma. ;) One thing grandparents tend to not be as big of a fan of is computers. Which makes a lot of sense. I'm not always a fan of computers myself, especially when it comes to picture sharing. I love having stuff I can hold in my hands, touch, feel, and smell.

Grandparents especially love this kind of stuff. It's what they're familiar with and what they grew up valuing. Which is why I think getting an album of updated family photos for them is an amazing, emotion packed, totally heart melting Christmas gift. And I'm not talking about albums where you stick little prints into plastic slots. Nope. I'm talking about albums that are press printed and look like an actual story book.

Here at Ashlee Lauren Photo, I specialize in storybook albums for families that tell the tale of the little adventure they had at their session.

This is the sort of thing that knocks grandparent's support socks off, and the sort of thing they love to share when they're bragging about their fabulous grandkids to their friends. They are going to get hours and hours of enjoyment out of an album, even more so if they don't live close by and don't get to see the grandkids as often as they'd like.

There's still time to get pictures done for albums to give to grandparents this Christmas! Get in touch with me today and we can chat about setting up your session and plan your beautiful storybook albums!


Ashlee Lauren is a photographer in Fort Wayne, IN who specializes in photographing the true colors of northeast Indiana families, teens, and seniors. This is photography ONLY for those who like to laugh, kiss, hug, play in the park, twirl, and dance in the sunshine, NOT FOR POSERS! Ashlee loves to tell stories and take photos, and also loves writing, books, fat animals, and shopping at Target. To follow the unfolding good times at ALP, like the page on facebook. To find out more about Ashlee, meet her right here.
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