Top Ways To Tell If He's Going To Pop The Question This Christmas!

Girl, I know you're wondering if he's going to pop the question this year -- the big one. You know what I mean. Not "pizza or Chinese?" The question you've been waiting to hear probably since the first day you met him. Please, try to restrain yourself from going around the house looking for a ring box; you really don't want to spoil the surprise. Focus instead on updating those Pinterest boards with more wedding ideas!

Let me do all the dirty work for you. Well, ok, not exactly. I'm not going to go hunting through all your closets or showing up at your relatives house pretending to be a pizza delivery girl ("Oh, you didn't order a pizza…? Ok. Before I go, is anyone you know about to get engaged? We have a contest going on for newly engaged couples, the chance to win free pizza for life.") I mean, if you really, really, realllllllyyyyy, want. Maybe. But probably not.

Anyway, I've scoured the web for ways to tell if your honey is going to ask you to marry him. Here are the top three.

Apparently, one of the best signs that he is immediately going to propose is the planning of an unexpected outing. Something secretive, a weekend trip, or a place with a special significance to you as a couple (place where you had your first date, etc.) can all point to him popping the question. If the event is going to happen around sunset, even bigger change that he’s going to ask you to become his wife. My friends actually got engaged when they went on a trip to see a baseball game in Chicago, so there you go!

A second big sign he’s going to propose is if her starts saving money and limiting big purchases. This could mean he’s saving up for an engagement ring! Of course, it could also indicate he’s saving up for something completely unrelated, so make sure he’s also been interested in your ring size (subtly or not so subtily), has asked you about your dream proposal, or is doing little things like calling you by his last name, before you jump to the big conclusion.

The third big sign that a proposal could be happening for you this holiday season is if he’s being secretive about something. Not in a shady way, in a cute way. And not in the normal “I’ve got a great Christmas gift for you” type of way. Something extra, something a little out of the ordinary.

There you go, the top three ways to tell if he’s going to propose for Christmas or New Years!

Ok, so in all fairness I have to say I don't put a whole lot of stock in these "clues." This is really just for fun -- who doesn't like talking about love, engagement, sparkly diamonds, and pretty weddings, after all. I'm sure when a relationship is great, it's something couples talk about, or we women get an instinct of "just knowing it's going to happen" and we don't really need all this advice from the web.

One thing you do definitely need if you get engaged are some beautiful engagement pictures. When you get engaged, you've just experienced a moment that solidifies something miraculous -- something magical. You've been found by someone, and you found them. Out of all the billions of people in the world, you two crossed paths, clicked, and fell deeply, butterflies-in-the-tummy, fireworks-exploding, into crazy awesome love. Think about that. And take a moment to remember that moment when you first met, or when you first realize you started to have feelings for him. Remember the first date, the first hug, the first time you kissed. It's all led up to this moment.

And this little slice of your life, being an engaged couple, is something that only comes once. Now is the time to tell your love story. I love hearing all about how couples met, the details about their couple's style, the things they like to do together, and I love taking elements of that story and putting it into their pictures. I want to hear your story -- laugh over the cute, funny things he does, cheer for the hardships you fought to get through, and take awesome pictures of you two together. Pictures of you guys just being you, freshly engaged, wholeheartedly in love.

So if he DOES indeed pop the question this holiday season, please let me be one of the first to know and we will will pop a little eChampagne to toast the magic, toast to two hearts finding each other, and get started setting up your very own engagement pictures to celebrate this moment!



Ashlee Lauren is a photographer in Fort Wayne, IN who specializes in photographing the true colors of northeast Indiana families, teens, couples, and seniors. This is photography ONLY for those who like to laugh, kiss, hug, play in the park, twirl, and dance in the sunshine, NOT FOR POSERS! Ashlee loves to tell stories and take photos, and also loves writing, books, fat animals, and shopping at Target. To follow the unfolding good times at ALP, like the page on facebook. To find out more about Ashlee, meet her right here.
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