Ideas For Family Photos -- SNOWBALL FIGHT

When I looked at the forecast the day of this family photography session, I shivered -- it was supposed to be super cold and super snowy. I wasn't sure if we were all going to make it. We agreed to try, so when the time came, I piled on boots, scarves, gloves and hats (ok, not quite multiples of everything, but you get the picture) and set out to the location. I was close enough to walk, and do so regularly, and was like, "no big deal, a little snow never hurt anyone!" Um, WRONG. I've never actually walked somewhere for an extended period of time in snow before, and it was definitely a trip. The first few blocks weren't so bad because I cut down allys, where the snow had been packed down from cars. As long as I walked in the tire treads it wasn't TOO bad. Then I reached the point where I had to traipse (ha!) across an open park area. That was a workout I'll never forget.

snowball fight at a for wayne photogapher's outdoor photography session with mom, dad, brother, sister, and dogs. lots of snow and lots of fun in these photos.
But holy cow was it worth it! We had a blast, even if it was cold. And I was like, "ok, who wants to have a pretend snowball fight?" Of course, it became real very fast when you have a brother and sister involved. ;) But it made for really awesome pictures. Probably even better than if it had just been pretend for pictures.

I loved that they brought their dogs -- I believe that dogs are a part of the family. And I loved the little dog's (dang it -- I can't remember his name!) sweater. Too cute. He was kind of shy and wouldn't look at me most of the time we were taking pictures, he just looked off into the distance. I tried to get his attention and once in a while he would turn his head a bit towards me and look at me out of the corner of his eye. It was so funny. I may have fallen in love a little bit. <3

This ended up being a totally awesome lifestyle portrait session. I'm glad I got the snowball idea. And didn't die on my way to or from. Yes, I did manage to make it home safely. And while I enjoy the snow, the festive cheer, in winter photos, you better believe that I am excited to get my sunshiney spring and summer time back!

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