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Did I really just have a TUMBLER full wine for breakfast?! Hey, a girl (and a photographer) has gotta do what she's gotta do, right?

Ok, so the REAL story is that this is not a tumbler of wine at all, not even close. There's is nothing remotely alcoholic about this beverage. It's actually beet juice!

I was opening up a can this morning (yes, I was going to have beats for breakfast, and yes, I was having pancakes, but no, I was not going to put the beets on to the pancakes in place of berries; I'm not quite THAT wild yet), and I decided I shouldn't send the beet juice down the sink drain. Instead I should put it to good use. Sip on beet juice, save some beets from a grizzly ending down a gross sink drain! :D

I grabbed a tumbler, poured it in, and took a sip. Not bad! But then I added some apple juice because while I'm brave, I'm not necessarily a martyr. ;) No but it really wasn't bad. I enjoy munching on beets and having them in my smoothies, so this really wasn't a big step for me.

Beets are antioxidant and mineral rich so I figured hey, what better way for this girl/photographer to start the day than with a tumbler (which I totally keep writing as "tumblr") full of wine beet juice? So now it's your turn. Leave and comment and tell me what's the weirdest food thing you've done in the pursuit of health!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I am actually of age and could consume wine for breakfast legally if I wanted to do so. I know, I know, I look like I'm 18ish (on a good day), and have scared the crap out of restaurant servers, but I am, in fact, well into my 20s. How well into my 20s, you ask? You'll never know. ;)

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