Amber shows off her natural beauty in this portrait taken in an underpass in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I took this portrait of Amber on a balmy autumn day in Fort Wayne back in 2011. We had just met up at Starbucks (yes, I’m talking about Starbucks AGAIN lol) to discuss working together, as she was a hair and makeup artist. I asked if I could take some pictures, because, well, photography is my love and I can never bring my camera out enough! I captured this portrait at an underpass in downtown Fort Wayne, as we roamed around, exploring beautifully decaying urban corners. I love the natural, effortless vibe in the photo, and all of Amber’s natural beauty (see why I don't need to photoshop clients?!!? *grin*).

Amber and I managed to work together once on one photoshoot, our paths crossing in the midst of various life circumstances. Shortly after I shot these pictures, Amber moved to LA to pursue her makeup artistry dreams even further. She’s worked on some cool projects, from what I can see from her facebook feed. So I can only draw one conclusion; having me take a portrait of you brings good luck. ;)


Ashlee Lauren is a portrait photographer in Fort Wayne, IN and Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been photographing for several years professionally, but has been enjoying photography since she was just a kid. She was always taking photographs with her mom’s camera whatever chance she got, turned her toy blocks into cameras, and even held a photoshoot with her Barbies. Now, she enjoys photographing seniors, babies, children, and engagements, spoiling her clients with unique, pampering sessions, and exploring downtown Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

Ashlee believes in photography in the now -- you are already fabulous, already gorgeous. There’s no reason to delay. Celebrate all that you are, love yourself, and use a photoshoot as a reason to shower some TLC on yourself -- cuz you deserve it!

You can set up a photoshoot easily. Email Ashlee and she will provide you with all the info you need. You can even set up a totally free, totally no-strings-attached meet up at Starbucks to hang out with Ashlee and find out more about what it’s like to be photographed with her unique sessions before you book. Whichever way works best for you, your dream portraits are just a few steps away!
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