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how to find the best senior portrait photographer, fort wayne, indianapolis

It’s senior (or maybe even junior!) year and the time to get photos taken is right around the corner, and you’re on the prowl for the best senior photographer. Only the best will do, right? But how do you go about finding the best senior photographer?

I see a lot of photographers calling themselves “best” or “premier” photographers, but how did they come by that title? Did they win a local competition? Get a ton of votes? Beat out national photographers? Probably not. More often than not “best” or “premier” are just a marketing ploy to get you to think they’re better than all the rest.

I have a problem with that line of thinking. First of all, there’s really no way to measure “best” in photography. All photographers are unique, with individual visions and particular styles. Photographers are also all at a different stage in their journey. It’s just too hard to measure, and putting a label of “best” (even if someone is truly really, really good) on photography is misleading.

What’s really important here is understanding that there is no one best photographer; there is, however, the best photographer for you.

It all comes down to your unique needs and tastes. There’s a photographer for everyone, whether you’re looking for something dark and moody, classic and elegant, punk rock, or something pink and girly.

So here are some things you should take into consideration when you’re picking your senior photographer:

  • Do you feel like you could sit down and have a chat with them? Do they talk about things you’re interested in on their blog, website and facebook? If you’re both into the same type of things, you’ll have a better connection and get along better.
  • Do you see yourself in the pictures they post? If you’re hoping that the pretty in pink glamor photographer can take the out-in-the-woods-plush-in-plaid-and-cowboy-boots photos you’ve always dreamed of, think again. Find a photographer who is already posting the type of pictures you’re interested in -- otherwise you’ll most likely end up disappointed with your senior pictures (if you’ve already had senior pictures taken and were majorly disappointed with your experience and/or images, see how to fix it).
  • Do you love looking at the work on the photographer’s website? Could you spend hours drooling over the images? Then that’s the best senior photographer for you! But if you just glance over everything once or twice and feel like you’ve seen enough, don’t book them hoping you’ll get something better or that excites you more. You won’t.
  • Pay careful attention to how the photographer interacts with you when you’re emailing them or talking to them, either in person or on the phone -- are they actually listening to what you say or do they sound like they’re reading from a script? Do they seem passionate and excited about what they’re doing, or are they giving you quick answers with just a few words? Make sure that they’re as invested in you when they talk with you personally as they claim to be on their website.
  • Decide if prints or digital files are more meaningful to you, and make sure the photographer you pick gets your needs. If a photographer specializes in boutique print items, they might not have the digital option you desire. On the flip side, if you really love cool print items, and a photographer only deals in digital files, they’re not going to have the stuff you want and you’ll risk being majorly bummed out when you order images -- so be sure to find out ahead of time what options they offer.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be sure to find the best senior photographer for you, that will create beautiful images for you to keep (and drool over) for a lifetime!


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