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a girl in a bright yellow, ruffled skirt looks fashionable in an editorial style photoshoot in fishers, carmel indiana

The clothes you wear tell a story, about you, about your heart. With fashion, you can create a mood for photographs. Every outfit you put together is something that's never been seen before. Whether you're a fashionista or simply have clothes in the back of your closet that you wish you had a reason to wear, a portrait session at Blossom + Brick is perfect for you!

Is all about looking polished in your photographs, while still looking natural and at ease. I'm not huge on complex posing or cheesy set ups. I like everything to be believable, to be fun, and to be organic. I also don't believe in tons of airbrushing on my clients. A little here and there to clean up blemishes or correct colors and textures in photographs is all I do. The rest is you, organically.

As much as I love fashion photography, there's a lot wrong with it that could be better. My approach to photographing portraits is to have fun but to always maintain dignity. I believe that women are so much more than a pretty face or a hanger for clothes or an object to photograph. Women have hopes, dreams, fears, struggles, aspirations, and opinions. I'm curious about the inner lives of women, and about their voice, their story. I hope to photograph portraits in such a way that I capture not only women's beauty, but their strength and power as well. That's part of what the name "Blossom + Brick" is meant to represent.

Want to get in on the fun? If you're a teen, senior, or 20-something you're just an email away from your very own 60 minute portrait session that comes complete with 30+ digital images to keep, a 10x14 collectible mounted print, and detailed info about hair, makeup, and clothes styling for the shoot. The price for the photoshoot is $175. If you're in Carmel, Fishers, or Indianapolis and want to work with an awesome portrait photographer, let's get you set up

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