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photographer in fort wayne captures your natural beauty, naturally.

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Finding a the right photographer is important. You want someone who sees the world like you do. How do you feel about the world? Do you love understated beauty? Being yourself, naturally? Do you feel the beautiful things of this life way down deep in your soul? So do I. I want to invite you to step into an organically chic image experience; allow you elegance to shine as you tell the story that's in your heart.

At B.B. I create photographs that are chic and polished, but still organic and real. I don't do a lot of air brushing to my photos; I want the real you to shine through. I love timeless imagery, blended with fun trends. I'm curious about who you are as a person -- your hopes and dreams, your accomplishments, your compassion, your power to make positive changes happen in this world. I want to give you a platform to express your inner world.

Let's get together and create a magical world. Whether you're a teen, senior, or a 20-something, this is the perfect time to make your dream become a reality. I'll work with you to help you select just the right makeup and clothes, and guide you through poses and concepts for the photography shoot. If you'd like to talk with me about your dream photos, click here to send me an email and we'll get to know each other better!