I've never had the pleasure of photographing twins before -- this was a complete first for me. Cara and Jack were the perfect pair, double the fun and double the cuteness. At two years old, there were both so sweet, curious, and happy. Hanging out with them was a great way to start off my afternoon. We became friends pretty quickly and I enjoyed watching their little personalities unfold. Jack was a little bit of a ham, but totally adorable and very eager to show off his rad super hero sunglasses. Cara was observant at first, but ultimately spunky and determined to never let her brother get to have all the fun! Also, I totally loved the fact that Jack had brown eyes and Cara had blue -- so adorable! Definitely some of my favorite little people that I've ever had the honor of photographing. <3

If you have and little people of your own who's hearts you cherish and want turned into art, click to send me an email and we'll chat about sessions!

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