Moms, Mother's Day, and other Musings

Motherhood. It's fast, it's furious, and it's definitely not for the faint of heart. Mostly because your heart gets stretched farther than you every thought could, loving more deeply, more fiercely, more purely, in the a way that's more beautiful than anything you ever imagined. Every day is a good day to savor motherhood -- sketch out images in your mind consisting of the textures, sights, sounds, smells that make being a mother so gratifying. Every day is a good day to hear a word of thanks, get hugs from your littles, and get to put your feet up. Unfortunately, life tend to be pretty busy. 

Thankfully there's that day in May just for moms. A reminder to stop and be thankful and celebrate the magic of motherhood.

So. What does a mom really want for Mother’s Day? 

Flowers that look pretty and then turn into a brown, wrinkled mess a week or two later (or just get spilled when that basketball that’s forbidden inside of the house get’s thrown across the room at someone’s head)? 

A card that you pop up on the fridge with a magnet and never get the time to sit down and re-read again?

Probably not.

I don’t have kids yet, but if I did have them, I think the best thing on mother’s day would be my kids themselves. Snuggling up with them and admiring every little unique detail about them. Trying to catalog in my brain the sparkle in their eyes, their preciously goofy smiles, their curly baby lashes, etc. etc.

Problem number one: kids aren’t really big on sitting still in general, and even less thrilled about letting you admire them while you shed a few sentimental tears over how beautiful they are and how not-newborn-small they are anymore (“size 3-T, are you kidding me?!”).

Problem number two: brains are marvelous things, but not that great at remembering all the little details.

Thank goodness for pictures. Not only do they not have legs to run away from you, they capture so. much. detail. Detail that sticks around forever, unlike childhood. If I had a dime for every time I saw my mom take out a print of my sister or me from back in the day, watching her get misty eyed (or, you know, say something embarrassing about how cute we used to be), I’d be pretty rich. Like, hello private island in the Bahamas.

Somewhere along my journey through life, pictures got into my soul. The need for them, the power they possess to keep a special joy from the past alive in our hearts. Their ability to capture everyday detail in a poetic way that turns life into magical art.

Pictures makes the best present for that gloriously exhausted, chaotically blissed out mom who is head-over-heals in love with her little bundle of joy that somehow became a three year old over night. Her children turned into art. All the little details documented and there to keep forever.

In honor of all those special moms out there who deserve so much for the work they do everyday, I created a special Mother’s Day package for 2014.  

Book a session for May and get $75 off your session (you pay $25)! The session includes 45-90 minutes of photography to capture all those special details, unlimited outfits, location in the heart of Indy, modern-chic imaging editing in my signature style, and light retouching. As always, there's no pressure to purchase images afterwards, buy only if you love them.

Your image collection includes all the high resolution digital pictures from your session plus rights to make unlimited prints at any size (regularly $300) for $125.

There are only 14 10 slots remaining for extra special mommies, so snatch yours up like legos off the kitchen floor (freaking OW!!) before they’re all gone.

Text: 260-418-1110 (NO CALLS -- unfortunately, I've had a recent high volume of spam calls so I don’t currently answer/return unknown numbers, so be sure to email or text if you want to get in touch!)

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