What Are You Wondering?

"What type of images do you take?"
I take images of young women, children, and couples that are filled with organic beauty, natural light, and soul-longing. I also document my life in Indianapolis, IN in visual journal posts.

"I don't know how to pose -- will I look dorky or feel awkward?"
No way will you look dorky! And there's absolutely no pressure to pose here. In fact, I want to skip all the super posed stuff -- I prefer being natural and organic. I'll give you basic direction like, "look to your left," and that's all it takes. I'll let you in on a secret: the best photos are the ones that are relaxed and authentic -- so don't worry about feeling awkward.

"My kids won't sit still; can I still get their pictures taken?"
Absolutely! I'll run around after them and get pictures on the go. Most kids prefer to do some exploring at their session, so bring on the fun!

"I'd really like to have pictures done, but I'm not a highschool senior."
Pictures that tell your story don't have to be just for highschool. If you're a teen or 20-something, you can get beautiful pictures that express who you are right now. Moms and grandmas LOVE updated photos, boyfriends like unexpected picture gifts, and YOU want the experience -- fulfilling the desire in your heart is more than reason enough. <3 

 "How do I pay for my images?"
I don't like to waste paper, so I do all payments electronically. I'll send an invoice that is powered by Paypal to your inbox. It's fast, simple, and secured through Paypal. You can pay with credit or debit card.

"When will I get to see my images?"
You images will be ready to view within a week of your session.  Sneak peaks generally go up on facebook by the day after your session.

"Do I get to keep the images from my session?"
You get to keep every single image from you FULL session. The price of images is included with the FULL session fee. With spring demis, you'll get to choose 5 images from the 20 shown in a private gallery, and have the option to purchase the remaining images if you want.

"Are the images I get to keep small and blurry, or full sized and high quality?"
Absolutely 100% high quality. They're YOUR images, for you.

"Can I make prints from the digital images I get to keep?"
Yep, you can print the digital images from you session anywhere you want, at any size, as many times as you want. There are no limitations.

"I don't know how to do hair and makeup -- help!"
If you need tips, I've got plenty. I'm a makeup junky and a youtube-beauty-watching-nut. If you'd prefer to put yourself into the hands of a professional, I can add a trip to the spa onto your session along with an extra hour of photography for $200.

"Do you do weddings?"
I'm currently focusing on portrait clients, but I can point you in the direction of talented photographers in a similar style who specialize in weddings. 

email :: ashlee@alaurenphoto.com  kik :: ashlee_lauren_photo